Home Alone on the Farm

Here it is: the best weekend of the entire year. Ma, Pa, all the brothers and practically the entire family are away at the Aluminium Farming Fair. I always get left behind because it’s a paid event and if there’s one thing Pa dislikes more than the family not doing things together, it’s wasting money. …

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Will Wars

My friend Samantha just called me in flap, which is nothing too far out of the ordinary. This time, at least, the matter was marginally more interesting than her latest dating disaster. It concerned a slight altercation she’d just had with her elderly neighbour’s nephew regarding his aunt’s last will and testament. Not knowing a …

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Finally Settling Down

It’s my turn to reminisce, it would seem! I’m having severe trouble picking from all of the wonderful things we did on holiday; after all, we were gone for almost a year. I loved most of the places we went, as well. I can definitely tell you the hardest thing, and that was leaving. It …

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