Kitchens of the Future

Oh good grief, can we have one normal meeting without Jayne hijacking the whole thing? I get it, we’re the Futurist Club and she’s supposedly a time traveller, but for the last few weeks it’s just been all about Jayne. “Oh Jayne, how can be avoid the next three financial disasters?” “Tell us Jayne, where do they hold the 2032 Olympics?” “Will I ever get *married*, Jayne?”

I want to talk about the future, not…well…talk about the ‘future’. I miss speculation. I still remember the very last discussion we had before she arrived through a time portal (supposedly), and it was a fulfilling round of speculating the future of kitchens. Kitchen design, in the distant future of…let’s say 2043. What will they look like? We had a wonderful time talking about various sci-fi depictions of the future, and what we think will eventuate. I’m a big fan of automatic microwave tubes, if I’m honest. You select from a range of dishes- all of them instant, because everything is instant in the future- and the microwave simply selects the correct dish from your fridge and it’s transferred down a tube. A maximum of thirty seconds later, you receive your meal in the dining room via a Roomba who brings it to you, and then uses its little arms to wrap a napkin around your neck. Easy. That’s modern kitchen design, when modern is 2043. Everything will be automated, but we’ll still have nice-looking kitchens. Even kitchen design companies near Melbourne will operate with automation in order…so owning a restaurant will essentially be the same thing as a simulator, in real life.

But nope! According to Jayne, the weevil infestation of 2022 destroys half of the world’s produce, and now people don’t have kitchens anymore because we all have to leave the house and dig up herbs that ironically provide a great deal of sustenance despite tasting terrible and having to be eaten seconds after being uprooted.

Thanks, Jayne. Great talk.