More time for teaching

Teacher Time is a online course in time management for teaching professionals. Developed specifically with primary and secondary school teachers in mind, it is also used widely by tutors, lecturers, coaches and instructors to build skills in time-efficient lesson planning and delivery across a wide range of disciplines.


As a career, teaching is increasingly characterised by demanding out-of-classroom workloads, large cohorts and high levels of stress. Teacher Time was created to support teachers and educators with information, resources, tools and community forums for navigating the contemporary teaching landscape successfully.




Teacher Time is an 100% online course, enabling busy professionals to participate at their own pace. The emphasis is on skills acquisition and personal practice rather than certification, which means there’s no designated course completion date for each intake. As part of the coursework, participants are encouraged to set and adhere to time-based goals for themselves in completing the course.


Participants can access all course materials for 24 months from the start date for their intake.




It has completely changed the way I work. I was leaning towards leaving this field, even though teaching is my passion, because I couldn’t cope with the after-hours paperwork. Teacher Time turned that around, and I really feel like I’m on top of it.

Natasha-Lee Figman, secondary mathematics teacher


A year ago, I was feeling like I’d never master the art of delivering my sessions in the planned timeframes. Now I’m completely confident in my own personal sense of time, and am free to be the coach I want to be.

Amanda Crawlson, junior gymnastics coach


I was sceptical, but the tools and strategies taught in the course do work. I’m happy to say that the teaching staff at our school are getting significantly better results in the classroom since implementing them. At the same time, both teachers and students are happier.

Anthony Sage-Masters, deputy principal (primary)