The Creepiest Renovations

Mystery mansion up on the hill, that’s…that’s fine. I was pretty clear about not wanting to deal with the Keymore Mansion while all that was going on, but nobody told me that there were two creepy mansions in Melbourne on hilltops. Well, two creepy mansions and what looks like a fusion between a castle and a mansion that was recently renovated by the new owners to include about 600% more gargoyles. I briefly met them when they came into the office, nice people, but, like…they’re vampires, right? I can NOT be the only person who sees it.

Back to this latest creepy mansion, apparently a guy lived here until recently when he was found dead in the basement, and sure, that’s nice. Gonna need to find a company here in Melbourne that does professional drain replacement because most of the house looks dilapidated and the pipe system is crumbling. No idea why the council wants the place renovated, but maybe they said on the paperwork that it was going to be a heritage site and I just didn’t notice. Too busy looking at how someone was violently murdered in the basement, mysteriously…yay.

In fact, they’ll need some serious drain repair if they want anyone to live here. A lot of things can be salvaged or just cleaned up, but out of all the inspections I’ve done this is the worst plumbing system I’ve ever seen. A lot of pipes have been torn out to make way for wiring, which the guy was pumping into some giant super-computer in his basement, along with other machinery that I don’t want to ask about. Anyway, the pipes are totalled, so we’re going to need some new ones. I’ve done a lot of home inspections, and this may be the one that needs the most work. So I guess some drain repairs company in Melbourne is going to get the contract of their dreams. They might even get the whole job done without learning *why*. If only I could’ve been so lucky.