Summer is Coming

It’s the season finale of ‘Fantasy’ this week, which is a bigger deal than even a regular season finale because the rumour mills is churning out some bad news. Apparently they’re taking a year-and-a-half to make the next season, which devastated us all to our cores, but such is life. Well, not life is we loved any other TV show, but such is…Fantasy.

Thing is, it’s just of those shows that makes you feel like you want to be IN that universe while you’re watching it, and then the episode ends and everything’s just like…wow. Picking up the post from the floor. Making toast. Feeding the cat. Why bother? I don’t love in the world of Fantasy.

I’m all excited about the glass stair balustrading I’m getting to replace my old timber stairs. It’s the first big alteration I’m having done since I moved in here, so it was a big old deal and everything. Balustrading! Glaziers in my house, and me feeling all grown up, making major decisions about the aesthetics in my own home. I’ve been looking at different designs for months to find the perfect solution to replace my weathered timber stairs. I’m trying to focus on my mini renovation but there is so much happening in Fantasy that is occupying my mind.

John Crow goes to the Fence that protects the North from an invasion of Sand Walkers from the south, he fights alongside a giant lizard, there’s a great battle where the Fence is torn down, and the season finale leaves us with the surety that the Sand Walkers are coming and STILL no one can get along for the few minutes required to repel this invasion force.

And then it’s like…oh. Toast, post and glass balustrading. I have to meet with the residential glazier at 3, and all I can think about is how John Crow will unite the realms. I was excited about the glazier coming! What has Fantasy done to me?