Melodic Lights

The one light I have in my office has been making some funny noises lately. At first I was simply annoyed for several days in a row, because I didn’t really have the power to go out and buy a new one. But then I thought…this is a LEARNING experience! Here’s a new and interesting sound. A sort of humming sounds followed by forty seconds or so of a strange ticking. At the end of the cycle it’ll flicker and go back to the original sound.

Now, you know I’ve made it my life’s goal to find beauty, rhythm and melody in everything, and I had to remind myself of this. One time I spent a week listening to solar panels in the wind, it was glorious. So began my newest piece of melodic greatness, ‘The Song of the commercial LED Solutions: Luminous Symphonica’. It’s a ballad told from the perspective of the lighting itself. For you see, LEDs have the power illuminate the truth of this world. It sits on its perch, either attached to the ceiling, the wall, standing on the ground, held in the hand, buried in the rafters, and all the other places we stash light so that it can bathe us in its soft glow and give illumination to our lives. It sees all, because its job is to allow sight.

What things has LED lighting seen? What secrets, carelessly whispered in the dark? That’s what I aim to portray in my ballad, with an entire verse dedicated to that affair that Amanda had with Craig when everyone had left the office. Or that one time Maxine heated up her tuna melt in the microwave and stunk out the fifth floor, and nobody ever found out…but the lighting knew. The lighting ALWAYS knew. And now, I have given it a voice, of sorts! The way I see it, I’m doing a service for people of Melbourne. Commercial solar is also on my list of things to sing about, although the lyrics need some work. You see, the future is all about green energy, and I must help light it’s way. People are more likely to get on board with a product if they feel it has a unique voice!