Nautical Office Design

We’ve seen a lot of people renovate their ocean dwellings, but TV show ‘Echolocation!’ has taken the bold new step of showing an office redesign…at SEA. That’s the main premise of the show, so obviously it’d all be at sea.

So you’ve got this office that deals with the paperwork surrounding the classification of sea life, and everyone commutes there from the docks every morning, in a commuter submarine. Except now they’d like to hire a Melbourne based office designer to come there in the same submarine and give them a bit of an office makeover, because there have been reports of the space looking a bit dire. And yeah, it kind of is, to put it lightly. They only have utility lighting, all the walls are dark and metallic, and there’s just no character to the place at all. I was yelling at the TV for them to put in some reinforced glass panels so that the people working there could see the ocean while they worked, and then the designer said exactly the same thing. Made me feel like a total pro. They also made the suggestion of softer lighting, so that the whole place looked less like an interrogation room and more like a cozy home office, and you wouldn’t believe the difference. They even suggested a few bits of plant life, though these are mostly forms of calcified seaweed in pots that can survive without the sunlight. I’m sure we could put together a collection of brightly colour corals to spice things up. Fun, the things you can get to suit specific places now.

Once they’d finished, it looked a lot more like the inside of a ship captain’s quarters than a cold, unfeeling place. See, that’s what office renovations can do for you. Doesn’t matter if you’re in a penthouse or under the sea; your workspace never has an excuse to look dire.