Sea You Later

It has been my firm belief that mankind will one day return to the sea. Not, like…crawling back into it and being sea creatures. No, we’ll be sailing on the sea, with plenty of modern comforts. We might even have cities below the waves, deep on the ocean floor. It was easy to get power using geothermal energy and wave power. Then again, there is no point in regressing when we’ve come up with amazing innovations like Neat-Flicks and the ability to buy chicken in the form of paste.

I come from a family with a long history of seafaring, and even to this day we’re known as being well-connected with all the stainless steel marine welding that this city is so well-known for. Well…we’re the best customers. The whole clan lives on houseboats. But they’re, like, nice ones. We’re not super traditionalists who live on pirate ships and wade through bilge-water and drink rum out of old, dusty bottles that have corks. No, our belief is that technology will advance to the point where we can very comfortably live off the ocean, without having to come back to shore for milk or crackers or chicken paste to spread on the crackers, or eat out of the jar, that’s good too. Right now you can’t be at sea indefinitely, but as soon as you CAN- let’s say, desalination becomes efficient and we can flavour seaweed in all kinds of ways- then the second golden age of seafaring will begin. All those years spent buying snapper racks and supporting the marine welding companies in Melbourne will be totally worth it. And if you think about it, this makes sense. Rising sea levels, melting polar ice caps…all cities are going to be underwater anyway. We’re just getting a nice head start, with our swish houseboats and tolerance of an entirely fish-based diet. Surprisingly, just spreading a bit of chicken paste on a grilled salmon can make for an intense and unique flavour experience.