Boat Envy

My girlfriend, Emma, is off to some kind of meet-up of boating enthusiasts. She calls it a ‘mess-about’, which I don’t really understand – apparently it’s a reference to a book or something. I have to say, I find it impressive that she knows so much about boats – including how to put them together, …

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Great Fun at the Forest Party

Never actually heard of a ‘Forest Party’ before I went. I thought Clifford had just made it up, but then, even that was weird because Clifford isn’t really the imaginative type. Or he doesn’t throw it around like that. He’s always got some business venture going, always trying to get something for nothing. Sometimes it …

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Buyers Advocates in a Year

It’s about time people stopped talking about ‘men in uniform’. Okay, first…women can wear uniforms too. But also, this trend of people in uniforms appearing on calendars- often not even doing anything remotely similar to what their job entails anyway- is just strange. I don’t know what possessed my sister to get me a ‘Firefighters …

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