Buyers Advocates in a Year

It’s about time people stopped talking about ‘men in uniform’. Okay, first…women can wear uniforms too. But also, this trend of people in uniforms appearing on calendars- often not even doing anything remotely similar to what their job entails anyway- is just strange. I don’t know what possessed my sister to get me a ‘Firefighters Cuddling Puppies’ calendar for Christmas, but it’s still sitting here, unused. And it always will be.

‘Firefighters Photographed in the Process of Saving Puppies from Dire Situations’ would definitely get me interested, but it still doesn’t speak to the heart of the matter, which is the fact that some awesome professions get no calendar representation. Personally, I’d love to be a fly-on-the-wall and see, month-by-month, what people get up to.

Okay, so there’s this new, up-and-coming profession in Melbourne; buyers advocates, which to me just sounds so strange and magical. Probably isn’t, but it’s definitely interesting. I’d go for a calendar with that theme. ‘Buyers Advocates of Melbourne, Photographed While Doing Their Ordinary Jobs’. So you’d have January, which shows them meeting with a client and getting an idea of what type of home they’re looking for. Flip over to February and there’s them on their computer, compiling a potential list of available, high-end homes.  Maybe one is in the background on the phone, talking to a business contact. And then there’s March, with the property advocate actually going to the home and checking it out, making extensive notes, comparing the home to what the client had in mind.

And so on: returning to the client, having a further discussion, pounding the pavement some more, looking at more homes, giving advice, and then finally, the client sees the home for themselves and they decide that it’s perfect. And then December is everyone shaking hands, a job well done. Thanks, Melbourne property advocates!

I mean, if no one is going to jump on this idea, I will. I’ll have those millions of untapped calendar dollars, thank you very much.