Inclusivity, for Everyone (obviously)

The main problem with a children’s play centre is that it’s not inclusive enough. As we all know, a society that’s as inclusive of as many people as possible is one that thrives. That’s how we hire people at our company: not on the basis of what they can do, but by whether we want their personality type in the office! I’m an ENTJ, so obviously I had to get the senior management position because the person in the job before me was an INFP, and that’s just crazy. There are so many of them here, I’m surprised they’re not steadily being shown the door!

I guess we’re not yet at a perfect, inclusive utopia just yet. But in the meantime, I’m going around to the indoor play centres open in Melbourne and every single surrounding suburb and trying to get them to sign my petition to allow adults into the play area. I don’t think people are really getting it, to be honest. You see, it’s all about being inclusive. Currently, there are boundaries between adults and children, and there is a place where the adults cannot go, except in the case of an emergency. How is that just or fair? We should be tearing down all walls in society and life, and it starts here in a place where we can actually make that change.

What’s with that rule, anyway? It is SO presumptuous to presume that adults don’t want to have wild made fun in kids’ play areas. I’m grown up and mature and I love slides! And forts, and slides shaped like elephants! And if I like them, then other people must like them as well.  

Just saying, I’d have a birthday party at a kids’ birthday party venue. The colours are fun, and I love finger food. Yeah, I’d happily find a birthday party venue around Bundoora or wherever and have my 30th there, in fun, colourful surroundings. Uh, awesome! AND inclusive.