In memory

Growing up as a twin is a bit of a unique experience, particularly if you are an identical twin. You and this person just happen to look exactly the same and live through the same experiences at the same time. Sometimes you will finish each other’s sentence, other times you will both get annoyed when …

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Driving Distress

Today I went to get a haircut. My hairdresser was of the silent variety – quite the rarity, in my experience. I was more than happy to flick through a gossip magazine while secretly eavesdropping on the woman in the next chair, who was filling her stylist in on her sister’s flying phobia treatment.  I …

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The Art of Staying Cool

I don’t know why everyone makes such a fuss about modern art. In all honesty I think it’s absolutely awful. Basically just a bunch of ever so talented ‘artists’ patting each other on the back for being so alternative and desperately trying to take the number one spot in the ‘even my fellow artists barely …

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