In memory

Growing up as a twin is a bit of a unique experience, particularly if you are an identical twin. You and this person just happen to look exactly the same and live through the same experiences at the same time. Sometimes you will finish each other’s sentence, other times you will both get annoyed when people confuse the two of you. Regardless, the bond between two identical twins is like no other. Unfortunately, that bond was taken from me earlier this year. My twin sister sadly passed away and I’m really struggling to come to terms with not having her around anymore. All our lives we have done everything together and shared so much. All that is now taken from me. Recently I got a tattoo done to keep her memory alive and to feel like she’s always with me. I visited a realism tattoo artist to do a portrait of her face on my arm. The tattoo artist absolutely nailed the job and captured all her facial features, even her personality. Of course, it doesn’t replace her presence but it is nice to at least have this.

Strangely, there have been a few instances where strangers in bars will criticise me for having a tattoo of myself. Then I explain to them that the tattoo is actually of my deceased twin. Some think I’m joking, others then feel really bad. To me, it’s hilariously awkward when this happens. I know if my sister was still around she would find it so amusing. 

Next week I will be going to the most recommended tattooist in the Brisbane CBD to add some flowers around my sister’s portrait. Given that she was named after a flower, I think it’s suitable for her to have roses around her portrait. Whenever I miss her, I think of little things to add to this tattoo. I almost wish she could see it.