Earning Job Management

Well, we’ve officially made the switch. You have no idea how hard it was to convince Foreman O’Gorman to get job management software. He’s actually a nightmare to deal with. He really loves to mess people over, that pain of a gnome. When I first went to raise the idea with him, I knocked politely on his office door, to which the response was the high pitched hiss of his whistle. I took that as permission to enter and opened the door. Foreman O’Gorman then proceeded to yell “Stand! Stand!” at me repeatedly. He also told me to “get back to the nine”, which apparently means that I have to stand nine metres away from him while conversing. What a strange guy.

I somehow mustered the courage to request that he look into getting the best job management software for tradesmen close to Melbourne. He looked genuinely shocked at my suggestion. Suddenly that shock turned to rage. “That’s fifty, and I’m reporting you,” he said. I asked what he meant by fifty, and he explained that it was a fifty-dollar penalty from my next paycheck, due to foreman abuse. All because I suggested that we get some job management software because he’s terrible at giving assignments. 

Well, my quest for this company to get plumbing job management software support based in Melbourne was far from over. I proceeded to gather the Company Employee Association and we all threatened to go on strike unless better job management systems were implemented immediately. Upon seeing that his entire staff was against him, Foreman O’Gorman finally relented and agreed to look into it. I’ll tell you what, it was incredibly satisfying to stand up to that little loser of a gnome. He’s been trying to ruin my life for years. I swear he has it out for me. In my opinion, the best foremen are the ones who you don’t even know the name of. They stay out of the work and put the whistle away. Foreman O’Gorman is not one of those foremen.