Using video promotion

It’s hard starting a business as a sixty year old. There are so many pieces of nuanced information that I just don’t have, and the information I do have it’s just so dated. It’s clear to me that I don’t know the best ways to promote something anymore. I used to know all about TVC production and getting into newspapers and magazines. People are no longer spending time reading magazines or newspapers, or sitting in front of the TV long enough to absorb TV ads. I’ve seen how my adult kids consume media. If they’re watching a TV show and an ad comes on, that’s it for them. Straight away it’s eyes off the TV and onto their phones. They have no idea what is being advertised. As far as newspapers and magazines go, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single one of my kids hold any of those items.

I took them for coffee the other week and asked them to give me insight on how they consume media and where they see ads. As it turns out, the majority of ads they see are in the form of video. While I know lots about video, I know very little about video production. Melbourne is so full of young people who are so tech savvy that they’re always working on some sort of digital technology. They’re exposed to videos daily, maybe even hourly!

Later that night I started exploring the different types of video production and what type of videos are most successful for marketing. This is such a whole new world to me. It’s both exciting and intimidating. I suppose it all comes part of having a business. I’m currently seeking out the best marketing video production company near me to help me get my next project started. I’m definitely going to use my kids as the test subjects for the video. Since they have videos in front of them multiple times a day, they’ll know if what I’m doing is on the right track.