Car envy

I have had the same car for the last thirty-five years. A lot of my friends and family members have expressed a level of car envy to me. None of them have had a car for even half as long as I’ve had my car. They keep calling me ‘lucky’ and expressing jealousy. What they fail to see is that there’s no luck involved here. My car is still good as new purely because I’ve taken care of it from day one. I’ve learned the proper ways to drive a car to minimise wear and tear. I also ensure my car gets regular maintenance checks to keep everything running in good order. 

I see many benefits of getting a log book service. The biggest benefit is that it helps keep your car in the best condition possible. I’ve had many scares with my car where something might not have been working as well as it should, or something needed replacing. Thanks to getting my car serviced, I was able to detect these problems before they became an even bigger issue. My friends, however, claim to always have a ‘mate’ who does their services. They always know someone who is a mechanic or a general dude who ‘knows a lot about cars’. 

It’s no surprise to me that none of their cars are lasting. There’s no accountability in the work that gets done. Sure, you can get a mate to assess your car, but what about when the work they do is subpar? Who is going to take care of that then? At least with a logbook service, everything is accounted for. I have a lot of trust in my mechanic. Raceview, where my friends and family are from, has many mechanics but none measure up to mine. My mechanic is a genuine and trustworthy guy who can successfully balance efficiency and accuracy for every service. My friends tell me stories where they’ve taken their car for a service and not seen it again for a month! That sounds ludacris to me. I’m going to stick to my logbook services.