Windows to Windows

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but windows are the windows what’s outside the windows, and I don’t hear anyone going on about that. Maybe people need to stop parroting what they find on the latest page of their desk calculator and think about their words a little more carefully.

Sorry…I just had a real stinker of a commute, and things took a turn for the worse when Greta had the gall to tap her watch when I came into the meeting. Let it go, Greta, you can walk to the office. Traffic is a distant memory to you. It’s times like this when I wonder if the aluminium window installers Melbourne seems to be becoming so chummy with could hurry up and move underwater, because that’s where I’m going.

Oh yes, I’ve been keeping up to date with everything that’s been happening on TV. Any chance to escape the dull drudgery of work, and having to see Greta’s face every day. I’ve never missed a single episode of Echolocation, I’m a regular watcher of Six Twee Minutes and Escape to the Country, and I have it on good authority that they’ve already greenlit a spin-off of the latter where a family is forced out onto the open sea, after which they have to find the perfect family home while being set upon by pirates. Escape to the Ocean, they’re going to call it. And you’d better jump on getting aluminium windows or timber window replacements soon, because all the people and companies in Melbourne dealing with glass are going to be all booked solid come the end of the year. Glass domes, that’s what they’re saying. It’s all going to be happening.

I hope it is, and I hope it’s affordable. If not, I’ll have to settle like a regular, garden variety resident of underwater Melbourne. Timber door replacements probably work better on land, by they, it’s the little changes that really make you happy to come home. That, and the thought of not spending any more time in the car. Or not having to see Greta’s face for another few hours.