I Not Do Technology

I’m probably the youngest baby boomer in the world, at the age of 21. I say that because I just do NOT get technology. Never have. I try, really hard, and I’m not trying to make myself into some ‘accidental’ social media star by being really klutzy, but it’s true. I send emails to the wrong people ALL the time, and my friends know that I can’t be trusted with a smartphone, because that’s a miniature apocalypse waiting to happen.

My brother is in London on his gap year, and I thought I’d finally see what this Over-Botch thing was all about, so I’m using his game console and even with a preloaded house, I suck. Like, I’ve been given the task to get a custom bathroom remodelling, which I’m told is one of the easiest tasks. It’s in the tutorial, and it’s just a bathroom. People get them remodelled and renovated all the time. But it took me several minutes just to find the phone option in the menu, and then I had to say what I wanted, and then I had to DO what I wanted to the bathroom, which was…no. Just, no. I have no home decor skills, and no tech skills, and this was a horrible clash of the two. If this was a real bathroom and I was a bathroom designer, I’d have been fired long ago, just like I’ve been fired from every job I’ve gotten in Over-Botch because I couldn’t figure out how to get to the place where I’m working.

I mean, to be fair, this is all a virtual problem. I have no problems getting where I need to go in real life, and I’ve never even been late for work. Maybe, in real life, I’d be an amazing kitchen designer. The best kitchen designer ideas Melbourne has to offer I’d be a legend, and I’d be all old-school, drawing up plans by hand instead of using a computer.

Cool, awesome – I can just blame the game, right before never playing it again.