Salsa Ruins Everything

Do you know what I, personally, think would be better than a course to manage stress? It would be going right over there to the HR department, pushing their speakers off the desks, stomping on them, tearing out the wires with my teeth and pronouncing the most dire warnings on their family if they even THINK about playing another second of salsa music. Just because you’re HR does NOT give you the right to decide everyone’s musical preferences, and even if it did, why salsa of all things? Do you truly hate us that much?

Anyway, seems like the boss has noticed that there’s a modicum of tension in the ranks, and so there’s going to be some corporate stress management training happening at some point. It’s not just the salsa music, either…it’s deeper than than. The IT department has accused US of creating a tense workspace because we have lunch an hour before them. Like…I don’t know what to tell you: if we microwave delicious things, it’s not our fault if the scent wafts over the you become jealous. And then there’s Pamela going on and on about how the management department gets all the good air conditioning positioning and everyone else has to sweat, and she brings it up at every meeting, like…wow, Pamela.

So yeah, lots of tension, and I, for one, am capable of being the bigger man here and saying that stress management could do us some good. If there’s a dedicated segment for us to share our grievances, then all the better. The most important part of relieving stress, from someone who has never done stress management training, is that you get to tell other people that they’re stressing you out and they need to stop. Hey, you gotta attack the source, and if the web design department will insist on having conference calls right there in our open plan office when everyone else is trying to work…they must be told.