Video Game Training

Lately, I’ve been playing this new video game called Computer Punk. It’s set in a dystopian futuristic version of Brisbane where people have cybernetic enhancements. Future Brisbane is a crazy place, let me tell you. It’s one of the craziest places I’ve ever seen. It’s a tough city to live in, with all the chaos and discord being sown by the big companies. That’s why my character is a martial artist. I can defend myself easily with the extreme training I have given my character. He’s a real tough guy now. Every morning, I get on my computer and I put Computer Punk on. At the start of each gaming session, I do one hour (real-time) of training at the best professional MMA gym Brisbane has to offer. That levels my martial arts skills quite a bit, but not as much as I would like. After my training session is over, I go for a one-hour run to level up Cyrus (my character) and his athletics skill. Athletics is tied to endurance, which is also tied to the constitution, so I’m also increasing my character’s hit point total.

Once my run is over, I return to the gym, but this time it is a different gym. This one specialises in Muay Thai, specifically. That is my preferred form for beating up bad guys. At the Muay Thai boxing gym, I continue to increase my abilities by training for four hours. That’s right, the MMA training and run were just warm-ups. This is where the real training begins. After what has been a total of six hours, I’m pretty much out of time for gaming and have to turn it off. I wish I didn’t have work so that I actually had a chance to explore New Brisbane City. I spend so much time levelling up my character that I haven’t really gotten to do anything. I’m still on the second mission of the story, I think. Hopefully, I can find a bunch of money somewhere soon, so that I can just keep playing and not have to worry about paying the electricity bill. That’s the dream!