Cosmetic run down

Dentists are well equipped to treat patients on a variety of oral health matters. Your smile is often the first thing that people see so it is important to have good oral hygiene habits to not only reflect your best self, but to also keep you healthy. Sadly there are a lot of people who feel self-conscious about their teeth, particularly if they chipped, crooked, missing, or discoloured. This can lead to a lot of issues in self-confidence and people often finding themselves refusing to smile in photos or covering their teeth. These cosmetic issues do go beyond someone’s appearance and can affect your oral health if left untreated. There are many reliable dentists located near Bayside that can evaluate and assess the severity of cosmetic issues with your teeth.

There are five main branches of cosmetic dentistry. These include chipped, discoloured, deformed, missing, and crooked. The good news is that within all these five branches, there are specific techniques your dentist can do to mend and solve these problems. The first is bonding and fillings. Fillings and bonds can come in gold, silver, or the same colour as the tooth. The aim of these is to repair chipped or gapped teeth.

For teeth that are missing due to them falling out or having been knocked out, that’s when the dentist would consider something such as dentures, bridges and implants. Depending on what the patient wants and what the doctor recommends, some of these can either be removable by the patient or can be more permanent and will involve a surgery to be screwed in. They both assist the patient to not only have a full smile but feel more comfortable when eating.

Other common cosmetic dentistry services include veneers, braces, and crowns. Most of us know what braces are and have most likely had them, or known someone who had them, at some point in our lives. When it comes to veneers and crowns, these are bonded to the teeth and are great options for improving the look of damaged or discoloured teeth.