Nine-to-Five, Thrill a Minute

Character creation is hard, man. People think it’s just as simple as writing down a few traits on a piece of paper-smart, creative, blond- and then maybe deciding if they’re a ‘cloak’ person or ‘chainmail’ kinda guy/girl. Of course, even if this tabletop RPG DID involve that stuff, then there are a million other things to think about. How would your character react if a baby was dropped on their door? Do they like pineapple on pizza, or do they possess both a soul and good moral judgement?

All things to consider. And since character is such a vital component of ‘Nine-to-Five’, the only RPG that has you doing ordinary things, in an ordinary setting. Because sometimes…ordinary things are the most important of all, as reads the tagline.

Personally, I picked the role of a conveyancer office in Elwood, because that’s where I live and I have a fondness for conveyancers and the role they play in the community. A crucial part of the game is that your characters from different walks of life must interact in their individual careers, so you’d THINK that we’d all choose things appropriately. I picked conveyancer first, and then Damien just goes and chooses to be a garbage truck driver, because Damien excels in ruining things for everyone and we never should’ve invited him. So now our GM has to think of an exciting, everyday adventure in which a conveyancer and a garbage man interact. Turns out that the conveyancing office near Malvern was having trouble with its green waste, so ‘Johnno the Garbo’ was called in, after which he decided that he needed conveyancing services, which coincidentally happened to coincide with Greg the Balloon Seller, who…you know, I forget. I just remember I needed to roll an eight or higher to activate my ultimate conveyancing skill, Sale of Land Act Explanation, and of course I rolled two ones.