Wild Golf Swing Wrecks Window

I’ve been having a few weird thoughts lately, and being out for many hours on end, sometimes alone, doesn’t really help. Luke and I don’t split up too often, but sometimes it happens so we can cover more ground. Then the…thoughts begin. A bit like voices, swirling around like ghosts. I really don’t know, none of this makes sense.

It all began because I destroyed a window, accidentally. I’m starting to lose count of the number of times we’ve needed window replacements. Melbourne thankfully has a pretty decent selection of skilled window workers. I should really be more careful when practising my golf swing indoors.

We do try to smash as little as possible, but hey, it happens. That’s the price we pay for having a fantastic golf swing. Not matter how careful I am, something always seems to get smashed no matter what we do.

The thing that bothers me most is that I don’t know how I managed to get my swing so wrong and wreck the window frame. My stance was perfect, my swing was smooth. Did I catch a lamp on the way through and fling that into the wall? The whole situation has got me in a terrible mood and has really ruined my day. I’ll have to dip into the rainy day fund to get the window replaced or repaired. Thankfully the club I was using didn’t get damaged.

Anyway, the window must have just been in the way of my might. If only I had been out on the links when I made that fiery swing. It’s been a while since I started causing wanton destruction due to a lack of swing control. I’m not keen to revert back to training outside in the cold winter air. It was a nice window, too. I’m going to need some timber window replacements there. Was it just a slip in the moment? I’m hoping its the latter. I’m enjoying life far too much for something silly like this to bring me down.