My Third Boat

You all laughed at me when I said I was going to combine my boats together to make a super boat. Well, guess what? It’s been three months and the idea has proved to be genius. As predicted, everyone wants a ride on my boat, and I am more than happy to give it to them, for a small fee. As I was taking someone on my awesome double boat recently, she asked why I didn’t add a third boat. She thinks that I might even break a record if I did that. At first, I thought that idea was crazy, but as the last few days have gone on, I’ve realised she might be onto something. After all, why shouldn’t I add a third boat? If a welding shop capable of stainless steel marine fabrication in the Melbourne area could add a second boat, why not a third? And I’ve almost paid off the second boat, so I could definitely invest in a third. I’ll be Three-Boat Sam. As my dad used to tell me, having three boats is better than one.

The question is, where do I put my third boat? Do I get the welders to attach it on the side, so I have three boats in a row? That would give me more motor power to charge through the waters, but I can definitely imagine a scenario where I get stuck in a narrow area, with a boat that is just way too wide. I think it would probably look best on the front, but then the other two boats are having to push it forward. At the back, the new boat is having to do all the work. I wanted to make good use of each rod holder on the new boat, but I guess I could sacrifice that and put it on top of the other two boats, like a boat pyramid. 

No, I’ve got it! I’ll have the new boat connected underneath the other two boats, like a submarine. Of course, I’ll have to get it waterproofed, but that way I can continue using the motor on the new boat, in addition to those on the old ones. What could go wrong?

– Sam