Hardware Store Fun

Sometimes, I like to play pranks on innocent people, just to think about how their lives are going to be affected by my shenanigans, even if I don’t get to see the actual result. It’s a fun, (mostly) harmless pastime that gives me a bit of a laugh. I’ll admit, maybe my awesome pranks aren’t truly harmless, but because I don’t see what happens, they are essentially harmless from my point of view.

My latest prank involved a trip of mine to pick up some electrical supplies close to Cheltenham. I didn’t actually need any electrical supplies—I just needed to scope out the shop, looking for any weaknesses to the design. Thankfully, I found one at the back of the warehouse. A part of the shed door that had a small gap, allowing me to open it with a crowbar and crawl under. Of course, I waited until the shop had closed to act on this, wasting a few hours at the local park. When dusk fell, I made my way into the shop.

I had initially considered pranking the manager of a hardware store in the Bentleigh area, but it just didn’t feel right. I’ve done several pranks in Cheltenham, and they have all gone really well. At least, they went well in the made up version of events in my head. Anyway, I snuck in and found the manager’s office. There, I went behind his desk, preparing for the final stages of my devious plan. That was when I hesitated. This would be my best prank yet, but was I going too far?

Of course not! Without any further hesitation, I grabbed the manager’s chair and moved it three inches to the right. Quickly, I got out of there and returned home. I can’t believe I actually pulled this off. Imagine the confusion on the manager’s face when his chair doesn’t feel quite right in the morning. I bet that will bother him all day. Hopefully nothing too bad comes out of this. If it does, I won’t know about it, so it’s all good.

– Prank Sinatra