Giving Up Steel

Ever since I became the boss of the Minimon gym located at a steel fabrication company, my entire life has gone to defending it. I barely even have time to eat anymore because my virtual steel gym is constantly under attack by other trainers, raiding me with frustrating predictability. I thought that being the gym boss with a team of steel Minimon would make me unbeatable, but it turns out that people just come prepared with fire, fighting or ground Minimon, all of which my team is weak against. I’m at the steel production business so often that they’ve told me I either need to leave or buy some steel products. For businesses around Melbourne, I suppose this Minimon Go craze has been quite frustrating, with more people loitering than ever. So, every time I go to defend my virtual gym, I return home with a bunch of steel components that I don’t need.

Maybe I should just retire from Minimon Go again. I’ve recently realised that my previous blog post was wrong. I didn’t quit this game years ago because the mechanics were nothing like other Minimon games. No, I quit it because I got way too obsessed with it. To paint the picture of my addiction, I’ll tell you how that trip to the quarry went. It didn’t go well. I should have just stayed close to the Melbourne steel fabrication companies for all my steel Minimon.

Okay, so obviously my girlfriend and I weren’t supposed to be at the quarry, but I’d heard about some awesome Minimon there. When we arrived, I checked the virtual map and discovered that the super rare Steel Lix was down at the bottom. Despite all of the fences and warning signs, I headed straight down there and almost got myself arrested. It wasn’t my finest hour. So yeah, perhaps it is time that I put this game away again before I do something really stupid.