Finally Settling Down

It’s my turn to reminisce, it would seem! I’m having severe trouble picking from all of the wonderful things we did on holiday; after all, we were gone for almost a year. I loved most of the places we went, as well.

I can definitely tell you the hardest thing, and that was leaving. It was an eye-opener seeing so many cities and towns where people live out their lives just like us. Maybe if we had a REALLY good property conveyancer, Sandringham might not be the final destination. I’m not sure exactly how much time we have left, but it’s a good few years, surely.

Maybe enough time to pick somewhere we really enjoyed and spend a bit of time there. The thought of moving house after being in the same place for 30 years is daunting. We’d have to get rid of half our things. We have too many anyway, although my husband wouldn’t agree with that.  I know at this age we should be thinking of settling down, but that just doesn’t seem right with everything we’ve seen. And to think, Australia is just one country out of many. Makes one want to travel overseas a bit more!

But earlier in our marriage, we covered that as best as we could. Honeymoon to New Zealand, trips to see distant family in Thailand, that one London trip when my sister was married, after which we knocked about in Europe for a bit.

I suppose there’s still the Americas. But we’d need some crazy property transfer power to land us a house there. I suppose I’m content staying in Australia, but the whole country feels like home. I’ll talk to Reggie, see what he thinks about getting in touch with someone in conveyancing. St Kilda is lovely this time of year. The place is full of culture and a vibrant artistic spirit that I adore. I’ll have to convince my husband that we need a change of pace. We’ll need all the advice we can get.