Welding in the Cold, Yes Please

Perfect weather for swimming, I say. Just think about it: all the beaches are empty, because people are scared of a few waves and a bit of cold. The waves are strong enough to really make things a challenge, and the chill factor just means you end up using more energy, making it a fuller workout. Thrilling, fulfilling, chilling. All the things that make you a better person once they’re finished.

And here I am, stuck in this office. How did I, of all people, get stuck in an office job? Oh yeah…bills, responsibility, having a family, all that business. If I didn’t have any of that stuff, who knows what I’d be getting up to? I can see the people out the window, doing stainless steel marine welding. Melbourne has quite the industry for it, if my research is correct, and THAT is the type of thing I’d love to be doing. Imagine coming home on a freezing day, fresh from a whole day of welding, fitting snapper racks, maybe even doing a bit of underwater welding on the side. You’ve been either outside or in a cold place for the whole day, so you’re exhausted from both the work and the elements.

No homework from THAT job, I’m guessing. They don’t hand you a bait board and tell you to finish it off at home. No, you just head off and feel like you’ve really accomplished something at the end of the day. ¬†You’d sleep really well in your warm bed, feeling like you’ve earned it.

Unlike data entry, which keeps me perfectly warm all day and takes almost no effort. I just had to go and have a family, stopping me from swimming in freezing weather and working on aluminium plate boats and all that. It’s fine…

No, it isn’t. I need an outdoor job or I’m gonna go insane.