Dry Needling, the Way of the Normals

Right now, I’m craving some delicious apple strudel. The new cafe I’m trying out has his lady who makes delicious snacks every single day, and I really can’t get enough. Never thought I’d go to a cafe that didn’t at least have okra smoothies on the menu, as well as a dedicated space for dreamcatcher deposits. Still, there is a sort of alternative vibe to the place, and the staff are all very nice, so…I can give it a go.

I’m glad I did as well, because I’m learning so much about the world of normal people. Did you know, for instance, that there are dry needling courses taking place near Melbourne? I was as confused as all of you, until I looked up dry needling and I realised that it was the more medical version of acupuncture. Of course, my old cafe had classes on acupuncture before it got shut down for several health code violations. I still maintain that Kombucha tea only LOOKS bad when it’s in the jar, and all the luminescent bacteria just gives it a fuller flavour.

But I digress…dry needling is a similar concept, and something that normal folks seem to be engaging with quite a bit for their sports injuries and…you know, things that normal people do. I once let Allie practice her acupuncture on me after I strained my fingers playing a particularly difficult song of my own creation, entitled ‘The Frenetic Dance of the Bee Who Can’t Find a Space While Trying to Complete His Christmas Shopping, and Also He Has Anxiety Issues’.

Didn’t do much for my fingers, so perhaps that’s a gap that dry needling can cross? Perhaps I shall never know, but I’m fascinated nonetheless. How many people actually DO dry needling courses anyway? Is it mandatory in today’s schooling, and I’ve just been too isolated? This cafe could be good for my re-connection with the world.