Sewer Trouble

We decided to go into the sewers to find the source of our troubles. I am still confident that Robin Collinson is behind the broken doors and damaged drains, but since everybody in the house got accused of the crime, we admitted that perhaps there was some other explanation.

“I hope it’s not witches,” Nadia said as we descended into the murky depths of the sewer. “I hate witches and their stupid goats.”

Lazarus laughed. “Personally, I’m starting to lean toward ghosts. They love to mess with people.”

“Maybe we should just accept that we need to hire some drainage contractors close to Melbourne,” said Gizmo. Then he whispered, “But Lazarus was definitely behind it.”

“Watch your tongue,” Lazarus replied. “You’re just a familiar. You can’t accuse me of messing with the pipes, even if I did destroy the front door.”

Gizmo pointed at Lazarus. “See, master, I told you it was him.”

I shook my head, disappointed at Gizmo for jumping to yet another conclusion. “Now, now, Gizmo, we do not know that for sure. Maybe Lazarus is tired. He probably doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

We trudged through the sewer for a while, looking out for any sign of trouble. Gizmo brought a torch for himself and Robin Collinson, but we real vampires did not need it, since we can see in the dark.

“So what is a drain plumber, anyway?” Nadia said after a while.

Robin Collinson rubbed his hands together. “Webber Dictionary defines a drain plumber as someone who works professionally with drains, whether that is to observe or repair them. Usually a drain plumber will undertake a formal apprenticeship for a few years before becoming a real plumber, possibly starting their own business.”

We all started walking slower, drained by Robin Collinson’s boring explanation.

Up ahead, we spotted some bright light. Approaching it, I could see three figures casting magical spells and blocking the sewerage. In the middle of them was a black goat.

“Well, what do you know?” Nadia said. “It is witches. Of course it’s witches.”

So we dealt with the witches and went home. It was a fun day.

– Fernando