School Building Painting

Finally! After months of appealing to the school board, they’ve permitted me to paint the outside of the building for the year five and six students. Currently, it is a really ugly beige in the best of places. Some parts of the building have the paint literally peeling off the walls. It’s not good.

This was one of the first buildings the school ever had, about fifty years ago. My own parents attended this place. Back then, it was a fine building without any issues whatsoever. These days it simply doesn’t hold up. It physically hurts me when my students come into the class and say that the paint outside has made them feel ill. So after all this time, I’m finally allowed to change it.

There’s just one catch: I can’t do the work myself. That’s a shame because I actually really enjoy painting walls, but it’s not too much of a problem. I’ve been given a pretty big budget to get this done, so I could probably hire a commercial painter near Melbourne to help out. Hopefully, within a few weeks, we’ll have the entire building looking much better.

I do have to decide what colour the exterior walls should be, though. Perhaps it would be best to ask the children. If I get all the other teachers to run a poll with maybe five options, I’ll be able to crunch the numbers and come up with a solution that will make the most people happy. Then I’ll get in contact with the best exterior painter I can find and we will get painting. Well, I won’t get painting, for the school’s insurance purposes, but you know what I mean.

It’s almost hard to believe that this ugly building will be restored to its former beauty soon. I’ve been working at this school for five years now and have had to endure its appearance every day. Even during the holidays, because I live across the road and can see it right out of my window. It will be amazing to finally have something a bit easier on the eyes there.