Scandinavian Offices Are Okay, but How About…

So much fuss over saunas and discos. I understand that Australian culture is very receptive to integrating conventions from abroad into their culture. They’re such a young people, and they’re eager to carve out an identity while also trying out parts of others. They’re like a typical twenty-something going on a trip around Europe or Asia, sampling little bits of this and that and seeing what groceries they want to look for in specialty supermarkets when they get back.

But there’s more than just Scandinavia to choose from, after all. Some people don’t like saunas, and they’re not big on dancing. That’s why I thought I’d try to inject a bit of my home culture into my office. I’m not the boss, so I can’t just be getting in contact with a really prestigious and well-rated office design company for hire. Melbourne isn’t ready for some of the more radical changes anyway. But what I DO know is that I can introduce changes in my own space and see if they catch on.

I’ve done a little slice of office design myself, converting my cubicle into a proper workspace, after assuring my boss that it would only INCREASE my productivity. My chair has been replaced with the traditional lounging couch, which positions you in a sideways lying position that stimulates blood-flow to the brain. Incense is burning constantly, the sultry scents of vanilla and tiger fur. And of course, the walls of the cubicle have been decorate with patterned prints of my partner animal, the mighty Cariboo. This helps me to remember the traits to which I aspire: to be stalwart, tall and magnificent, and also resistant to cold, which helps because the air con in here is often turned up too high.

I’m adding things all the time, and I think people are starting to notice the cultural influence. You know, I could pull off this lark of being an interior office designer. Melbourne could use my talents. Just you wait.