Parents Paying the Air Con

My parents are the best at embarrassing me. You have no idea how hard it is to be me, and how embarrassing it is when my mother and father actually come to uni with you, because they want to make sure “that our little girl is getting the best education possible.” That’s why I have a weird feeling anytime I think about air conditioning. Canberra isn’t particularly hot most the year but there are times when it gets to be stifling.

I really shouldn’t complain, they really are nice people who are doing their best to ensure I am happy and healthy. This one time during a particularly warm Summer I casually mentioned how hot it is in one of the lecture halls. They insisted that they would come to uni with me the very next day and check to make sure that I wasn’t getting sunstroke or whatever. So, they did just that. They didn’t want to embarrass me,. so they dressed as “hip” as they could and pretended to be my friends.

As soon as they went in, they revealed themselves to the lecturer, because it was “too hot to keep up that charade in those baggy pants”. They announced to the whole class that they would fund the repair project for the air conditioning. Let’s give them round of applause and point and laugh at Madison! They didn’t say that last bit, but that’s what it felt like at the time.

At the end of it all though, I am really glad that they cared so much to do that. It meant the the lecture hall was able to stay cool and I was able to be more productive than ever, all thanks to my parents covering the air conditioning repairs. Canberra uni students owe my parents a debt of gratitude.That being said,I hope they never do anything like that again.