Noticing things

Does anyone else find going to someone else’s house for the first time an interesting experience? Particularly if you’ve known someone for a long time. I have this work friend who I get along with really well. Surprisingly, we’ve never actually been to each other’s houses. How weird is that? Our hangs have always been elsewhere. Plus, we both live with our parents so we don’t have that freedom of being able to discuss whatever we want when one of us is over. And we talk a lot of nonsense. They’d no doubt think we’re nuts! 

Well, two days ago was the first time I had ever been to her house. Her parents were away and we had a long drive ahead of us so I had to quickly use her bathroom. While I was in there I noticed something extremely interesting about the bathtub. There was this little door cut into the side. I had no idea what this door was for so I asked her while we were in the car. Apparently, it’s a bathtub cut out for elderly who struggle to walk or get in and out of the tub. Before you all laugh at me, I assumed it was a little door for children to get through. It’s quite an old house so I figured that wouldn’t be something too out of the ordinary. I also thought it might be something that was more prevalent in older style bathrooms. Guess I was wrong. Either way, I think the idea is ingenious! Anyone who has an elderly parent witnesses the heartbreak of watching them try to do basic daily tasks and struggle. Something as simple as cleaning oneself shouldn’t be so complex, but unfortunately for some, it is.

I’m going to speak to a local specialist in bathtub conversion in Sydney because this is definitely something my parents could benefit from. I see them struggle day-to-day and I think this will be a great help. It’s a shame I hadn’t been to her house earlier to discover this solution! Looking forward to suggesting the idea to my parents.