Dry Needling, Yeah, Ooh Baby…

I’m not ashamed to say that if it’s alternative, I’m all over it. A different type of tea that stimulates both brainpower and the movement of the liver? I’m all over it! Sure, it tastes like cough syrup and swamp water, but that’s just representative of the journey of the artist. We’re constantly being asked to stomach untoward things…but they just make us stronger in the end. We are WARRIORS.

So anyway, tea. No, wait, needling. There’s a dry needling course available in Sydney, so all my friends in the medial field are going on a trip. I can’t actually go, because money has been a bit tight and Cafe Fallimento STILL hasn’t paid me for the half-an-hour of music I provided them before I was asked to leave, but I’LL be there in spirit. That’s both literal (I discovered the secret to sealing part of my soul inside photographs to give to friends *years* ago), and also metaphorically. In fact, just the fact that my friends are going to be learning about this up-and-coming medical treatment has me a bit excited. I was just fooling around with my accordion last night, and I came up with the chorus of ‘Your Needling Gives me the Feeling’. It’s an upbeat ditty about a fellow who takes a dry needling course to give pain relief to his girlfriend, who happens to be a professional football player, and she finds it very romantic that he went to all the effort. I still need to work out the verses…which would be more helpful if I could actually GO to a trigger point dry needling course, thus revealing what the fellow has learned for the sake of love and pain relief. But alas, it is not to be. Maybe for now, the verses can just be some variation of ‘needles, mmm yeah, dry needles, ooh baby!’

And then the occasional ‘WOOOOAAAH!’ for about twenty seconds. That’s a decent addition to every song, really.