Rising Temperatures (Temper)

The heat that summer was unbearable. It was the kind of temperature that made your lips crack and your body immovable; an intense feeling that was all-consuming. The air was thick with humidity, making the indoors feel unbearable.

Deep in the heart of the suburbs, where the heat lingered the longest, lived Troy. He had been enduring the heat for days since his air conditioning unit had malfunctioned. With the temperatures rising, he had finally decided to seek professional help. He searched online for a highly-rated air conditioning service near Moorabbin, finding one that boasted quick response times and exceptional customer service.

They assured him that they would send a technician over right away. 

Unbeknownst yet to him, a few blocks away, his friend Sarah had met the same predicament. She was meant to have a few friends over to celebrate summer, but the aircon had started making strange noises. Coupled with the weak airflow and mildew build-up, she knew she was long due for an air conditioner repair or, and she hoped not, replacement.

It was that fateful condition that suddenly threw them both into a whirlwind romance. Whilst the experts were busy diagnosing and fixing the issues with the air condition units at Troy’s place, he called his friend. She explained her own predicament of trying to book an air conditioning service near Brighton.

He recommended the service he had found, and she was thankful. Trying to show her gratitude, she invited him out to the beach. That would keep them busy until their air conditioning units were fixed. Over a shared sundae, they exchanged jokes about finally learning why regular maintenance could prevent further issues (they both had an equally strange sense of humour).

That sundae turned into sun tanning on the beach. And, as a cool breeze finally swept through their suburbs the next day, Sarah and Troy found themselves gathered in their comfortable homes. Finally able to think, they started missing each other.

Luckily for them, both of their homes were now cold enough for some impromptu cuddling. All thanks to the fixed air conditioners they now both owned.