Manifesting at 110%

I can’t deny that I’m a little bit excited. I’ve just been granted the go-ahead on project office reboot, and the budget is much higher than I’d anticipated. That means I’m at liberty to go to town in creating the work environment I’ve always dreamed of. Whoop! I mean, obviously I can’t tailor it to my personal preferences at the expense of everyone else’s, but I’m leading the project so I do get to have a solid say.

The question is, what is my dream work environment? I have really gotten to that point in my thinking yet. As it stands, all I know is what I don’t want. According to my friend Myfanwy, that’s entirely the wrong way to come at manifesting your goals. You have to frame them in the positive, she says. I guess that explains the trend for framed. calligraphic prints that say things like ‘I’m A Money Magnet’, ‘Billionaire Babe’ and ‘Infinite Power Over All Humans’, which evidently pass for motivational messages these days.

Well, here’s what I want: simply the best office designer Sydney has ever seen. I realise that’s pretty general, but Myfanwy says that can be a good thing. Open-ended phrasing leaves plenty of room for the universal energy to interpret your vision, thereby delivering something better than you could ever have dreamed up with your minuscule human consciousness. Who knows what form this new space will take? I have to say, I’m suddenly getting mental images of natural materials, organic shapes and, oddly enough, teal-coloured accents.

Hey, maybe there’s something to be said for all this manifestation business. While I’m at it, I should probably put in a request for a list of top office fitout companies. Sydney has so many options for that, I don’t know where to start in narrowing it down, so it’s be great if the universe could take care of that for me.

You know, I think I might be into this. Turns out, positive thinking can be used for manifesting all kinds of stuff. Speaking of which, I could go a strong coffee and a walnut muffin right about now…