Becoming a plumber

I was never really that great at school. Once I finished year 8 it seemed like school just flew past me and that all the work suddenly became really hard. I think it was a mix of immaturity as well as boredom but I really struggled to complete the task at hand. I ended up completing year 11 but at the end of year 11, the teachers suggested that maybe I should consider working in some sort of trade. I’ve spent the last eight months trying to decide what field to pursue and it’s been a struggle. Whatever decision I make will impact the rest of my life as this will be the field I work in from here on out. In the last week, I have been spending much time deliberating on what tradie path to take, and I am thinking a plumber might be the one. I’ve made a few inquiries at a few different locations that teach plumbing and I think this might be the right choice for me. My course starts in two weeks time but I need to buy certain tools to get started. There’s a shop where I shall buy plumbing supplies in Cheltenham tomorrow. At this stage, it’s not looking like I’ll need any sort of special uniform just yet, so that’s some money saved. I’m quite lucky that my parents are more than happy to help me pay for some of the cost to cover my course and the tools that I need. This has been a huge weight lifted off my shoulders as I don’t have much savings at the moment.

Tomorrow, my dad and I will take a trip to the hardware store. Hampton is such a lovely area so we’re considering buying some lunch at a cafe and making a bit of a day out of it.  I’m hoping that our tool shopping spree can be over and done within a couple of hours, but I know my dad loves walking around hardware stores so no doubt it will drag on for a bit.