A Wedding With A Tree View

The wedding is two weeks today! As a groom my responsibilities in the wedding planning stages have been dwindling since day one. When we got engaged a year I ago I made it clear I wanted to be fully apart of all the plans. I wanted 50% of the shares in the big day as it were. Since then my voice has slowly been silenced. She had final call on the venue, the cake, the food and even my suit! It’s my suit for crying out loud. The one job that has been solely left to me is the glamorous task of tree removal. Melbourne apparently looks so much better without giant trees blocking the view. We are getting married at Beth’s parents beach-side home.

They have a beautiful garden with a very high canopy obstructing the view out to the far away city. Beth wants our guests to see our love extending all the way down the coast so asked me to find a company that will remove the two big trees at the end of the garden. I had of course left this to the last minute mainly because I was pretty annoyed the most mundane task available had been handed off to me. I suspect that this is to keep me busy and quiet. I found a great arborist company that would come out to the house and dismantle the tree within a day. They are able to make it this week and apparently use state of the art technology to conduct the necessary tree cutting. Melbourne wedding season is pretty hectic, we are basically booked out every weekend from now until the end of summer with various family and friends wedding occasions. I have a feeling the one in two weekends time may just take the biscuit though. With endless views, endless love and a bespoke tailored Italian suit what could possibly go wrong?