Skylight Serenade

Ever since I bought this house, I’ve been thinking about getting a skylight installed over the living room. There’s been an endless string of more pressing renovations to attend to, though, which means that the light-filled dream hasn’t yet been realised. I think it might be finally getting toward that time.

After I’ve dealt with the broken shower screen, that is. Anyone got a number for the most reliable residential glazier Melbourne has to offer? Actually, the shower screen repair might be a perfect opportunity to find the right person to do the skylight. Boom!

I should ask my friend Judy, come to think of it. I was at her place recently, and she had a really nicely done glass balustrade on her staircase that I’m sure hadn’t been there last time I was over. I imagine that custom glazing operations of all kinds could be carried out by anyone who can install glass balustrading. Melbourne home owners, what are your thoughts?

It’s funny – the minute I start seriously planning to tackle a particular renovation task, I can’t help but move onto dreaming about the next one. My mind is already drifting away from my much-desired skylight towards having an outdoor hot tub installed. I think the balustrade talk has turned my mind to the possibilities for classy pool fencing, and how I could work glass panels into the back deck to rope off said tub.

First things first, though – the practical realities of a broken shower screen must be attended to. For every little job, there are so many decisions to be made to which, ultimately, I don’t really care to give much thought. For example, do I want chrome, gold or black hinges? Will my choice affect the value of my house? Probably not, but you never know.


At the end of the day, I want someone who’s got loads of experience doing the job that needs doing, and who can point me in the right direction as to what works with my house. The ideal renovation or repair, as far as I’m concerned, is one that blends in seamlessly.