More Than Laundry

When my parents told me they were having their laundry renovated, I thought it sounded like a bit of a waste of energy. Like, who really cares what a laundry looks like? I know for a fact that theirs is perfectly functional, so why bother?

Well, now that they’ve gone ahead and done it, I have to say that I get it. Not only is the laundry now an actual room that’s a pleasure to be in (as opposed to feeling more like a dank broom closet), it’s also way more functional and efficient. It’s the little things – for example, timber finishes, plenty of natural light, a snazzy hanging rack and a fold-out ironing board situation. 

There’s also ample bench space for hand-washing in custom-made basins, an activity for which my dad has developed a penchant since retiring a few months ago (to everyone’s surprise). This started up at around the time that he stopped using the dishwasher – go figure.

Point is, it seems there may be more than meets the eye to laundry renovations. Melbourne companies that do bathroom and kitchen remodelling seem to be getting in on it these days, and it makes sense to me now that I see the difference it can make. In my parents’ case, it’s essentially re-configuring their whole approach to doing laundry.  

It makes me wonder how other types of home makeover concepts, which I might have previously disregarded as being about mere vanity, can actually change the way we interact with our indoor environment. Custom kitchen designers are probably responding to all kinds of interesting notions around how we prepare, eat and store food. For instance, a friend of mine has an special cabinet built into her kitchen island for her dehydrator, and another has added a tap low to the ground so her young kids can get water on their own.

If I had my druthers, I’d probably go for a full kitchen setup under a pergola out the back, complete with spa-side bar. I can dream!