Just Shampoo

And as a new season of The Great Australian Trade-Off begins, so does ‘The Fermentist’. They’re like duelling shows, one with people all being happy and collaborative while still competing, and the other having people at each other’s throats. So you can’t say all the clientele haven’t been catered for. Still, the timing is a bit weird, and I get the weird feeling that the shows are trying to steal each other’s viewers. Or working in cahoots, which is even worse!

So The Trade-Off is getting meaner, and The Fermentist people are getting less…weepy. This week’s challenge had them going around to what seemed like every hair stylist near Melbourne, asking them to try a new hair product that they whipped up literally overnight, and let’s just step back and think about that for a moment. I do not actually believe that hairdressers here in Melbourne are actually going to stock a product with no testing that was whipped up by amateurs. They want to make it LOOK like the hair salons are taking their product, on camera. They shake hands, and the teams are filmed outside rejoicing at their wonderful sale, but…nah. I’m not buying it, and pun intended. I bet the salons just chuck it in the bin and are reimbursed from the show’s budget. I bet they just tell them to act like it’s a real sale, and they have to take the mindset as if it’s real to maintain some kind of authenticity. “If someone came into your shop selling you a thing that SAYS it does all this great stuff to your hair, and you believed them, would you buy it?”

That’s TV magic for you. I can still enjoy the show without falling for it, but if you went on a tour of every single award winning hair salon in Melbourne tomorrow…I’m guessing they don’t stock a bottle of something called ‘Orchid Goodness Shampoo’ that hasn’t been tested. If you have a salon in the CBD, I’m guessing you already HAVE shampoo to recommend, with a bit more prestige.